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Termez is situated on the right site of the Amu Darya. After the city refused to surrender peacefully, the cultural heritage that was developed from the beginning of the city was totally destroyed by Genghis-Khan in 1220. A new city was built in the east of the old town. 
The city of Termez is the administrative center of the southern part of Uzbekistan. Ancient inhabitants were in the times of the Greek-Bactrian rules (3-2 cc. BC). According to many archeological and architectural sites the city area the Buddhist spiritual center Kara-Tepa with its various monuments of Buddhist culture.


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Uzbekistan tour - Great Silk road tour

Uzbekistan tour - Great Silk road tour

While having many modern features, Uzbekistan has inherited ages of history - you can see in its monuments and traditions.

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Historical Tour

Historical Tour

Tours to Uzbekistan – the country of sun, bread, hospitality, typical oriental bazaars, ikat, silk, suzani, best carpets and ceramics – have much more than that to offer.

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