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Tours to Uzbekistan:

Tourism in Uzbekistan is a rapidly developing industry. In several years the number of tourists, travelling to Uzbekistan, is redoubled. How to know get to know Uzbekistan  mysterious and charming? Uzbekistan arouses discrepant feelings: from adoration to shock, but it never leaves you indifferent. Whether it is your first time here or you have been living in Uzbekistan for many years  it will never stop surprising. Our guides and drivers will help you in your acquaintance with this country. We will not enumerate the sights and monuments that you are bound to visit, what we do is offer you more than just a historical tour and usual discovery of national colouring. If you are not indifferent to new impressions and looking for interesting tours to Uzbekistan,  then you are in the right place. 

  • Eco tours

Uzbekistan is one of the most ancient places of the world, and in lots of its places the virgin nature with splendid landscapes, mountains, steppes, desert and lakes has been preserved. We invite you to discover the beauty of its wild nature, uniqueness of climate, coolness and silence of the mountains. Mountains of Uzbekistan are the best place for sports tourism, downhill skiing and rock climbing. The most popular place for mountain hiking are Chimgan mountains, with prevailing peak of 3309 meters of height. If you decided to spend your winter holidays in Uzbekistan, you will enjoy organized recreation activities in Chimgan and Beldyrsai. For those who prefer travelling in a desert or acquainting with wild nature, we offer trips to Kyzylkum and Nuratau Nature reserves.  You are invited to stay in jurt camps on the banks of Aidarkul Lake, which is popular among fishing-lovers or in small cozy houses, built in traditional style and satisfying  requirements of the most exigent tourist. Travellers are offered to ride camels, try extremely delicious national cuisine dishes, prepared of ecologically clean products and feel themselves nomads. 

  • Rural tourism

From time to time we all want to run away from noise and routine of urban life. Rural tourism is a rather new brand in tourism industry, but the visitors, having experienced it, say that it is a gulp of fresh air, and afterwards they felt nostalgic for cordial welcome and hospitality of people they lived with.

Our company provides you a unique opportunity not only to visit Uzbek families in remote villages but to live in their houses. Hospitality, openness of Uzbek people will make you feel as if you are at your good old friend’s home, allow you to know more about lifestyle and customs of traditional Uzbek family and acquaint the locals with your own country’s culture and mentality. A week of life of dekhkon (Uzbek farmer) during which you will learn how to milk cows and goats, bake Uzbek round bread, ride camels and horses, mow down the grass with a scythe and will obtain other skills. We guarantee unforgettable experience and vivid time among friendly local people.

  • Historical tours

According to the survey of tourists making trips to Uzbekistan, more than 60 percent of visitors are attracted by the great number of historical monuments and places with rich past. No wonder: the feet of Alexander the Macedonian, Chingizkhan, Arab and Persian conquerors, Russian colonists stepped onto the land of the center of Great Silk Road. Majestic monuments, ancient palaces, fancy mosques and madrasas, squares draw attention of tourists. It seems that time stopped here.

Our historical tour offers you to share ancient times of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. We are pleased to design individual tour routes and programs to meet all your wishes.

  • Combined tours

Combined tours through Central Asia are grandiose journeys, that allow you to travel over Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and to become familiar with culture, customs, nature and architecture of these countries. We selected the most interesting and attractive places and activities and combined them in these tours for you. We design the routes ourselves, our guides and operators are experienced professionals, who know the needs and wishes of clients and do their best to make you enjoy your stay in the country.

  • Safety

The matter of safety in Uzbekistan is essential, so there is nothing to worry about safety of travels in Uzbekistan for tourists. The country is quite peaceful. Its policemen are rather strict, but if you carry along your passport, they will not ask you too many questions. The procedure of checking documents is standard. In order to prevent crimes and ensure safety, all the entries to underground and railway stations, airports, theaters, concert halls, etc. are guarded by the police. 

It should be noted that the law in Uzbekistan requires all tourists to undergo registration in 72 hours since the moment of entry to the country. Foreign citizens can be registered in the hotel. Note: On the entry you should declare all the valuable things (portable computers, cameras, jewelry) and currency you have. Before leaving the country you should also keep all payment receipts obtained in hotel or inn in case the customs will ask to show them. The authorities take all the measures to ensure safety of national and foreign citizens.

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